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All for the love of 14.1 Straight Pool...

The Maryland 14.1 Straight Pool Championship  began in  2005 at Bill & Billie’s Cue Club near Annapolis, Maryland with it's genesis being a love of 14.1 by some of the old time patrons. Under the guidance of Peter B. a small league was started, appropriately named  Willie Mosconi Straight Pool League of course!  The old fogies encouraged  the youngsters and after a couple of sessions the league gained a strong following. We held  the first Maryland Straight Pool Championship Aug 5-7,  2005 with an entry fee of  $60, Prize Fund $2,100.   What a cast of top locals! Peter B., Michael Frank, Andy Lincoln, Kenny Holstrom and a host of other twenty ball runners.  Actually,  that first year Jerry Slivka, Bo Newport, Eddie Deska & Ryan McCreesh were the big draws, with Ryan taking the winner’s trophy and a  whopping $780.   

Well word got out and shortly after Danny Barouty, God bless him,  brought down a gang of his NYC 14.1 pals - Ed Hodan, Steve Lipsky, a  young Zion, to steal some easy money from the Maryland boys.  And they  did.   Soon down from the Big Apple came Thorsten, Mika hot off two back to back US Open wins, exquisite Jeanette Lee and  cohorts.  Danny Harriman from far away Missouri, Grady Matthews from SC,  Warren Kiamco, Jose Parica,, Corey Deuel,  Johnny Archer, and John  Schmidt on his motorcycle looking to cash, which of course they did.   Word continued to spread, “there's a pretty nice Straight Pool tournament down in  Maryland.”   And, yes, there was. Then Ivan Lee stepped up to lend the strong  and ever after loyal support of Iwan Simonis & Aramith Balls.  As all know, where would our industry and this beautiful game be today without the backing of these two century old companies?  Seriously.  Their support was key in those early years and remains even more so today in these trying times. 


 In the  ensuing years the Maryland Straight Pool Championship sought new and  stronger venues.  We settled at Thomas Dorsey’s, Midlothian, VA. Diamond  Billiards for a very successful four-year run.  No longer  based in Maryland we changed our name to the American 14.1 Straight Pool  Championship and growth continued.  Our 2018 tournament was held at Carom  Café in Queens, NY,  hosted by room owner Michael Kang, and last year we moved to the late Barry  Behrman’s historic room, Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach managed by Gary Ornoff. 

Now in our 16th year,  the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship has evolved into a highly regarded world class event thanks to very positive support by virtually every top player in the USA and many from Asia and Europe.  Our thanks  to each and every player, sponsor, and fan who has enabled our ever-increasing Prize fund while maintaining a minimum  entry fee.   This year we return to Q-Master and the Norfolk area,  a long time a hot spot for top pool events & players.  We are thrilled to be back and celebrating our 16th year! 

Our goals are simple...


  1. Provide  a truly classic tournament where the best players in the world can  play this historic and beautiful game in a competitive environment among  their peers. 
  2. Build  a strong prize fund which returns every dollar to the players to support  them, with nothing retained by promoters. 
  3. Support the classic, majestic game of 14.1 Straight Pool.  Teach,  encourage,  and expose it to the younger next generation players.  So many young  players are truly exceptional and should know, love, and admire the game  of 14.1 Straight Pool. 


Chairman and founder


Peter Burrows

As a youth Peter played with Willie  Mosconi in Chicago, and later in a college exhibition with the great Mosconi.  Following graduation from the University of Colorado where he was 3 times winner of the CU 14.1 tournament,  and after a decade of travel playing  pool as far away as Johnson City,  in 1968 Peter hung up his old Rambow cue and followed his beautiful bride, Pam, from Chicago to Maryland.  Times along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay have been good and today  Peter is still active and President of Severn Insurance Ltd. He was Director  of the 2006 14.1 World Championship Tournament and founder and Director of Maryland 14.1 Open which now enters its 16th year as the  American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship.   Peter played as an  ‘honorary’ in many past World 14.1 Championships and the Sang Lee Three  Cushion Billiard Invitational.  A lover of opera,  golf and bridge,  Peter & his wife Pam have three daughters & six grandchildren.  High  run  81 and still trying for that mythical 100!  There is no other game  but 14.1 . . . just ask him. 

my memories of willie Mosconi

  by Peter Burrows   - Inside Pool Magazine September 2003

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Our Maryland Roots

Our team


Vice Chairman

Michael Frank, Ph.D


Tournament Director

Andy Lincoln


Assistant Director

Darren Frank