Previous winners

Ruslan Chinahov  def.  Alex Pagulayon  (175-2)  Oct 26, 2019

Eklenti Kaçi  def. Thorsten Hohmann  (200-168)  Oct 19, 2018

Konrad Juszczyszyn  def. Dennis Orcollo  (150-87)  Oct 21, 2017


Niels Feijen  def.  Thorsten Hohmann  (150-114)  Oct 16, 2016

Darren Appleton  def.  Thorsten Hohmann  (150-94)  Oct 25, 2015

Darren Appleton  def.  Karen Corr (150-28)  Sep 14, 2014


Thorsten Hohmann  def.  Johnny Archer  (150-111)  Sep 16, 2013


John Schmidt def. Thorsten Hohmann  (150-21)  Aug 18, 2012


Johnny Archer def.  John Schmidt  (150-74)  Jul 24, 2011


Danny Harriman def. Shaun Wilkie  (150-94)  Jun 20, 2010


Danny Harriman def. Dave Daya  (150-28)  Jun 28, 2009


Bob Maidhof def. Danny Barouty  (150-140)  Jul 12, 2008 

Mika Immonen  def.  Mike Davis  (150-59)  Jun 10, 2007


Ed Hodan  def.  Danny Barouty  (150-89)  Nov 19, 2006


Ryan McCreesh  def.  David Hunt  (150-67)  Aug 8, 2005 

Past top world players

David Alcaide - Malaga, Spain. 2006 Mosconi Cup. 2015 3rd WPA World Ten Ball. 2017 World Pool Masters. 2017 Mosconi Cup.

Darren Appleton - Whitehall, PA. One of the top five rated players in the world, Winner of both 2014  World 14.1 title and also 2014 & 2015 American 14.1 Straight Pool  Championship.

Johnny Archer - Marietta, GA. Played in Mosconi Cup a dozen times and Captain in 2012. Winner of 60  USA tournaments and Member of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA)  Hall of Fame. Won American 14.1 in 2012.

Radoslaw Babica - Rokietnice, Poland. Currently the Polish National Champion. 2017 Poland 10 Ball Champion.

Danny Barouty - Salinas, CA. Long time fixture of the New York City straight pool scene. Inducted into Straight Pool Hall of Fame.

Carlo Biado - Philippines. 3rd 2016 American 14.1 Championship. 1st 2017 World 9-Ball Championships.

Karl Boyes - Manchester, United Kingdom. 2014 World Cup of Pool champion. 2014 Mosconi Cup champion. 2015 US Open 9 ball runner-up.

Yu-Lung Chang - Chinese Taipei. 2014 1st China Open. 2015 1st World Cup of Pool. 2015 1st Steinway Classic.

Karen Corr - Alexandria, VA. 2nd place in 2014 American 14.1 Championship. Winner of dozens of major  tournaments around the world. Currently considered the top lady player  in the US.

Lee van Corteza - Davao City, Philippines. 2007 Philippine National Champion.

Mike Davis - Fayetteville, NC. 2nd Place runner up in the 2011 World Championship.  Member of Mosconi Cup team.  Top 10 USA Player for many years.

Mike Dechaine - Waterville, ME. Played in 2013 World Championship also Mosconi Cup. Best young player  in America today. 4th place in 2014 US Open. Member of US Mosconi Cup  team.

Corey Deuel - Cape Coral, FL. Winner of U.S. Open 9 Ball, Derby City one Pocket, USA Snooker title.  One of top current players in the world.

Max Eberle - Las Vegas, NV. Three-time National 8 Ball Champion. Author and artist.

Niels Feijen - Denmark. 2018 1st World Pool Masters. 2016 Mosconi Cup. 2016 1st American 14.1 Championships. 2014 1st World 9-Ball Championships.

Danny Harriman - Springfield, MO. Long considered by many as the finest modern Straight Pool player in  the US. 2x Winner of American 14.1 title. Winner of dozens of 14.1  tournaments. High run 312.

Gerda Hofstatter - Charlotte NC. Graduate of NY Univ., and winner of dozens of ladies tournaments around the world. Among the top ten lady players in the US.

Thorsten Hohmann - Fulda, Germany. 4x World 14.1 Champion; 2013 American 14.1 Champion. Dozens of titles  around the world. Considered the World's top 14.1 player today.

Bob Hunter - Prospect Heights, IL. One of the legends of U.S. pool and today one of the nation’s best cue  makers as well as still a great player. Bob won World 14.1 Championship  in 1990 and is 2x Mosconi Cup Captain.

Mika Immonen - Helsinki, Finland & NYC. Member of BCA Hall of Fame. One of the top five players in the world.  Many time member of European Mosconi Cup Team, winner of 50 tournaments  around the world.

Konrad Juszczyszyn - Poland. 2018 1st DCC 14.1 Challenge. 2017 1st American 14.1 Championships. 2016 1st Gotham City 9-Ball.

Warren Kiamco - Cebu, Philippines. One of the top Asian Players for the past two decades now living and  playing principally in the US and has won dozens of tournaments in every  genre around the world.

Jason Klatt - Toronto, Canada. Currently one of the top young players in the world. Many times Canadian National Champion.

Jeanette Lee - Indianapolis, IN. Member of BCA Hall of Fame. One of top female players in the world for  the past two decades and the world’s premiere promoter of the great game  of Billiards.

Bob Maidhof - Drexel Hill, PA. Owner Drexeline Billiards Club near Philadelphia, PA. Winner 2008 Maryland Straight Pool. High run of 316.

Chris Melling - Keighley, Great Britain. Winner of the greatest 8-ball out ever. 2018 1st Derby 9-Ball. 2017 1st Derby 14.1 Challenge. Multiple Mosconi Cup appearances.

John Morra - Toronto, Canada. 2004 BCA Junior National Champion. 2015 Canadian Champion in 8, 9 and 10 ball. 2016 Player's Championship at SBE. 

Rodney Morris - Honolulu, HI. Top USA professional and multiple times a member of US Mosconi Cup Team.

Dennis Orcullo - Bisig, Philippines. Dennis travels the world to play. In 2015 he won the US 8 Ball  Championship, 2nd in US Open 9 Ball, and won the Derby City 14.1.

Albin Ouschan - Austria. 2017 1st World Cup of Pool. 2016 1st World 9-Ball Championships. 2015  1st China Open. 2014 2nd World 9-Ball Championships. Multiple Mosconi  Cup appearances.

Alex Pagulayan - Philippines, Canada, USA. Originally from the Philippines, Alex now lives in Canada and has been  Canadian National Champion numerous times as well as holding multiple  World & US National titles.

Jose Parica - Manila, Philippines. Winner of tournaments all over the world and one of Asia's top players for three decades. Member of the BCA Hall of Fame.

Daryl Peach - Blackpool, United Kingdom. Winner of World 9 Ball title in 2007.

Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz - Murcia, Spain. 2017 3rd U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships.

John Schmidt - Hesperia, CA. One of greatest modern players.  Winner of 2012 World Championship.   Winner of 2012 American 14.1 Championship.  Holds modern day high run  record of 404.

Huidji See - Velp, Netherlands. One of top young players in Europe. Regular member of European Mosconi  Cup team, and 3rd place finish in World Championship. Winner of 2011  World Ten Ball title.

Jayson Shaw - Glasgow, Scotland. Moved to USA and joined pro pool circuit 2012 and since has established  himself as one of the top young players in the world in all aspects of  Pool. 2018 1st DCC 14.1 Challenge. 2017 1st U.S. Open 9-Ball  Championships. Mosconi Cup regular. 2017 1st Turning Stone Casino. 2017  1st DCC 10-Ball. 2016 1st Kuwait 9-Ball. 2016 1st Challenge of  Champions.

Brandon Shuff - Richmond, VA. One of top young players in America. Member Mosconi Cup team. 2015 Maryland State 9-Ball Champion.

Mike Sigel - Columbia, SC. Selected by BCA as greatest Player of modern times. 3x Player of the  Year. 3x Winner of US OPEN. 5 X Winner of World Championship. Member of  BCA Hall of Fame. Winner of more than 100 tournaments across the globe. A  true legend.

Ralf Souquet - Manching, Germany. World titles in 8-Ball and 9-Ball. A fixture on the European continent  for the last 25 years with numerous tournament wins. Multiple Mosconi  Cup wins. 

Nick Van den Berg - Zaandam, Netherlands. For the past two decades one of the top Euro players, and long  considered one of the finest 14.1 players in the world. A dozen times on  Euro Mosconi Cup Team.

Shaun Wilkie - Havre de Grace, MD. One of the top Pros in USA and a very strong 14.1 player with many high finishes in American & World 14.1 Tournaments.

Charlie Williams - Orlando, FL. Founder of Dragon Promotions and pool's authentic greatest ambassador.  2007 Korea Pro Man of Year. 2001-05 Mosconi Cup Captain.  BCA Open  Champion. Winner of dozens of tournaments around the world.

Zion Zvi - Tel Aviv, Israel & NYC. Long the top ranked player in Israel. High run 190. Many high finishes in World Championships.